Credit Market. What will change after January 1?

From January 1, 2017, the next phase of the GFIC’s recommendations will come into force. Up to 20 percent own contribution for mortgage increases. This message embarrasses many people. Is there anything to fear? What own contribution? According to Good […]

Buying housing through redemption of credits

Buying your house or apartment in 2012, an obstacle course? The banks have certainly tightened the conditions of granting but the price of the goods fall, the borrowing rates remain historically low and especially, you can take advantage of solutions […]

Loan without Credit Bureau with limited contract.

Is there a loan without Credit Bureau with a limited contract? If so, who offers it and what loan conditions can be expected? The article provides more information on the delicate issue of Credit Bureaufree credit with a fixed-term employment […]

Chronically ill home loan

You are chronically ill and are looking for a home loan. At Cream Finance there is no obligation to take out a debt balance insurance. This therefore offers possibilities if you want to buy a property or refinance your existing […]